It’s WORLD COFFEE DAY! Let’s celebrate with brand new coffee backgrounds for your devices!

October 1st is world coffee day – wahoo!

I know for a fact that KGO wouldn’t be where it is today without this magic, magic elixir. Ahhh delicious espresso coffee. I like mine served with milk. I was really big on the old Long Mac Topped Up until I realised that is a four word name for what is really a two word thing (it’s a flat white guys – let’s be real here).

To celebrate I’ve created not one BUT TWO awesome tech backgrounds for you that should work on every device under the sun – from iphone to imac and all the androids and all the nokias and all the windows phones ever. If you have any issues, please drop me a comment below so I can amend the files.

To download: Simply click on the images below of the colourful and/or black and white coffee cups, make sure the image is full size (you may need to click again on the image once it’s loaded in a new tab), right click and save! Then simply right click the image now saved to your desktop and hit set as background. Ta-da!!!






Two brand new desktop backgrounds – comin’ atcha!


Enjoy! xx

P.S how great is it that the rest of the world has finally cottoned on to the flat white!?

Yes you!!! You’re just so bloomin’ lovely (desktop freebie!)

One of our most popular products EVER is our happy yellow greeting card which chimes out ‘You’re just so bloomin’ lovely’. I created this happy little swashed card with flowers in mind and have gifted many a bunch of pretties to loved ones and friends with this card attached.

With all that happiness in mind I thought – hey, let’s turn it into a desktop background! That way this happiness can greet you every time you open your laptop and I hope it serves as a happy reminder that you – yes you! – are just so bloomin’ lovely. That makes this little baby is the ultimate yellow pep talk to start your day.


Click here to download!

Desktop Flowers to Brighten Your Day

Today is our very first (of many) free download days! We’ve whipped up this little flower power desktop background out to see if you guys enjoy something a little more digital (don’t worry – we still love paper).

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.00.22 am

This design is hand drawn by me and coloured digitally. I wanted to get back to some art line sketching after a long love affair with water colours and this was the perfect way to do it. Colouring digitally was also something new – but I love the way the inky blobs of paint are sitting bringing a subtle amount of pastel colours to your desktop.


Download here!

Credit where Credit is due.

I’ve been watching out for and almost waiting for this to happen.

And now it’s happened – someone out there (yet not too far away) is lifting my work.

They’re almost copying me and what I do, but with enough variation to steer slightly clear of that term.

Their brand narrative and story very similar, their work is using the same medium and produces a very similar look and the worst of all – their product prices undercut my prices.

Now what? What do I do from here?



While sitting and eating delicious Gelato with a dear friend of mine recently, we chatted about rivalry, envy and competition. We talked about how it gets under your skin sometimes when someone out there is hitting the marks you wish you were. We also talked about how to push it all aside, lose focus of it and create harder than ever before. Amongst this constructive and supportive conversation, I could feel my heart breaking at the thought of losing everything I have because someone out there is taking what I have built from me, or that someone else might do that in the future (maybe even in a far worse way).


Can my heart deal with this?

Has anyone else out there seen those terrifying articles from artists and designers? The ones where they say that some mass production multi national has stolen their light bulb moment idea, is selling it for half the price and has destroyed their market. I remember when it happened to Page Thirty Three when Typo started selling nearly the exact same Lightbox. In contrast, the Typo version was plastic, mass produced and no where near as good as the Page Thirty Three version. However, they were only $60, whereas Page 33’s were around $300. Boom – the price drops, the item is on trend and they ship them out to anyone that wants one. It’s that easy to completely undercut a creative. And then what? What do we as little creative souls do and what can we possibly do?

_behindthescenes_Time_for_a_bit_of_experimentation_and_creativity_today__I_ve_got_three_canvases_and_a_bunch_of_new_paint_-_is_there_anything_better__The_lady_that_served_me_told_me_how_much_my_items_were_and_I_replied___That_s_the_price_of_happinessJust keep swimming.

I believe there is no way to stop the copying. I don’t necessarily believe in stopping it, either. I draw from so many sources of inspiration for my work that I could never list them all – and I don’t want to lose those inspirations because creatives become sensitive about sharing their work with the world. I do believe how ever in crediting your sources if your work comes from somewhere that you know it comes from. Steal like an artist, improve on and build on what has come before you and draw inspiration from it – but be respectful because the creative industry is too small, too fragile and too connected to copy someones work. In saying this, I want to reiterate that I believe there is room for all of our styles and ourselves and what we do in this world without stealing from someone who is putting their heart and guts into the work you’re taking from them.


It’s back to work, ladies and gentleman! No copy cats will keep me from KGO.

For more reading on this topic head to Catherine Grace + her blog series Create or Credit for some further reading – she’s sharing her thoughts from the perspective as a creative and as a lawyer, a very valuable point of view. Also check out this piece by my spirit animal Marie Forleo about dealing with copy cats.

GET ORGANISED SERIES interview: Adelle Cousins from Where the Styled Things Are

Adelle is a fantastic fashion, fitness and lifestyle blogger from Perth. We’re in love with her down to earth nature, gorgeous photos and her hilarious yet informative blog posts. We caught up with Adelle to ask her how she balances work and play and how she stays organised!


1) When organising, which side are you on: paper or digital?

I am so totally old school, even though my life revolves around the digital age with my blog and full time job, I still write “to do ” lists at work on my massive calendar, and have a completely full diary that fits in my bag. It took me years as a photographer to switch over from film photography to digital – so I think i’ll be stuck in the pen and paper age for quite some time!

2) Do you make a daily, weekly or monthly plan (or all three!)?

I tend to live week by week, I have ideas for monthly and yearly plans but I generally only check my diary by the week – otherwise I get overwhelmed with how much I have to do!

3) How do you spend your average Tuesday?

Tuesday’s are generally pretty non eventful which I love! I finish work anywhere from 4pm – 5pm but I live an hour away…so I am one of those “fall asleep on another passenger on the train” kind of people which is always embarrassing, it’s worse when you drool a little. I get home and reply to e-mails, schedule a few blog posts, dinner with hubby, quick dip in the pool then vege in front of the TV and watch trash. Trash TV is kind of my staple!

4) What products do you use to help you stay organised?

My diary is my vice…I cannot function without it! And my Fletcher & May magnet board is a must have for all my bits of paper that are strewn across my study. I also write my weekly activities up on my chalk board in the kitchen, this is for my husband so he knows if I’ll be home or not straight after work! I also have a bunch of watercolours and brush’s and A5 sketch books which I generally paint words in a fair bit, this doesn’t keep me organised but it does keep me sane, and lately I have actually had time to do more (see instagram). I LOVE sharpies too! As a graphic designer I do a LOT of design work full time, so I enjoy mixing media with typography – written with watercolour then transferred into illustrator and pulling it all together into indesign.

5) If you had an eighth day in the week, what would you spend it doing?

Nothing. I always spend one day on the weekend shooting upcoming blog posts, or working with Rockingham Shopping Centre, the other day is chores, I want a day of nothing! Bring that 8th day ON!!!!

6) What does your workspace look like?

photo 3

Find Adelle on Instagram, Facebook and her blog!

Thank you kindly for your time Adelle!

Week #1 as a Graphic Design Student.


So, I enrolled late. K Gets Organised dropped the ball this time guys! This means while everyone was geared up and ready to go on Monday, I started class on Thursday. Thursday is the last day of the week for us Graphic Design kids. Apparently class doesn’t exist on Fridays and our teachers vanish into thin air. I spent all of Monday at work still deciding whether I wanted to enrol or not. Tuesday was spent sitting in the student admin building (first for my department and then in the admin waiting area for the whole school) figuring out how to pay fee’s and get a student card (I’m still not sure) or what units I had to enrol in (I’m still not sure). Wednesday I had made my decision completely and was back to work again to figure out a way to continue working while studying because I love my job and I didn’t want to lose it. *Side note – still have amazing job and am very happy!* So, all I can talk about is Thursday. Thursday was full of a thousand keys smooshed together that make things happen in different Adobe programs. I think I was very overwhelmed by it all and the commands were coming in thick and fast – cmd, shift, option, b, k, l, t, shift, cmd, oops. The first lesson we has was about creating graphics and I’ll be honest I didn’t even know what In Design really did before I opened it (which only happened after 10 minutes of struggling to log in) *Side note – I’m ashamed of this now*.


I also managed to make my first friend (who happens to be a market junkie with a side business just like me – woo!). I finished early in the photoshop class in the morning and spent my 1.5 hour lunch break wandering and checking in on a stockist in Northbridge (hello Claire from Ruck Rover!). It was all a bit of a blur between trying to keep my cool and trying to learn while not getting distracted. I got a bit too excited with one of the lesson exercises for example and copied 20+ folders and their icons from the student drive to my own personal drive on the network when I should have only copied 5. By the end of the week (aka my first day) I still hadn’t got a student card, still hadn’t paid my fee and still wasn’t quite sure how to get to my faculty specific student admin (it’s up some stairs…). Things I learnt:

  • How to log in
  • My timetable
  • How to open In Design, Illustrator and Photoshop and some basic yet fun commands
  • My teachers names
  • I definitely need a strong coffee in the morning

That’s about how my first day week went – more to come!