GET ORGANISED SERIES interview: Hannah Kamsadi of The Pocket Issue!

Today we march on with the GET ORGANISED interview series! We’re interviewing the fantastic Hannah Kamsadi of The Pocket Issue who takes dreamy photos of food, cafes and fashion. Her beautiful blog  is a lovely place to have a read (and a laugh) about Hannah’s life and rest your eyes on her eye catching, very stylish and colourful photographs. I highly recommend paying The Pocket Issue Blog a visit!


The beautiful Hannah (who has a serious skill for choosing walls that suit her outfits perfectly!)

1) What would you do if you had an eighth day in every week?

If there was in fact such a thing as an eighth day in every week, I am hoping firstly, that it is part of the weekend. I work in retail and do some freelance work as well so honestly, my week’s all jumbled up! Suddenly the weekend doesn’t feel like a weekend anymore because I’ll be off at work. Because of this, I don’t get to spend time with the people I love as much as I want to. For instance, my best friend has a really heavy Uni timetable and spends long days in school from Monday to Friday. Being a hard worker that she is, she works on both Saturdays AND Sundays (no, she isn’t a robot I assure you!). There are times where I wish I can just take her out for brunch without her having to rush for time followed by watching a funny movie at home – you know, just chill. The way a weekend is supposed to feel like! I think it’ll bring her better health in the long run.

ps. Did you know the number 8 represents good luck/fortune in Chinese beliefs? I think then we should DEFINITELY have an eighth day in every week!!

2) What do you use to organise your time?

I rely heavily on my iPhone to get organised. I use the calendar app to take note of appointments, retail work rosters and important notices. I also TRUST my Alarm Clock app to wake me up appropriately, and on time. I’m not one of those people who actually get sick of the songs they’ve hooked their alarm to … though most of my friends can’t seem to understand why Lana Del Ray’s Young And Beautiful is even part of my alarm song list. It’s a slow song but it somehow works for me – makes waking up feel a bit grander. Hahaha.

When it comes to my freelance work, I usually first key in important dates (like issue date and deadline) on my Notes app followed by writing it down in my Typo handbook complete with scribbles for content.  I won’t deny it also feels good when I finally trash a Note or tick off handwritten checklists!

3) Do you use digital products, paper products or a mix of both? 

I’m a Libra and I really like (and need) variety so definitely, a mix of both digital and paper products to get myself organised. I personally feel you should never truly rely on a particular material – so important to have back up! (Okay, I am also super paranoid about things in general). You never know … technology is always failing and you might lose your paper notebooks etc. I like having this dual method as digital products are super convenient for me to review things on-the-go and paper products give me a greater sense of work environment I LOVE Post-its too! In our house we stick it anywhere and everywhere – the fridge, the bathroom mirror, the milk carton, a random wall, on a pillow … you get the idea.

4) What do you do on an average Monday?

Whilst everyone was busy dreading going through Mondays, the last Monday I had was a breather I really needed! I’d worked in my retail job on the Sunday before and had a jam-packed week from Tuesday onwards so since I had no work scheduled for Monday I spent my time watching TV shows like New Girl and The Carrie Diaries! I also managed to catch up on a lot of housework, took a stroll to unsuccessfully get takeaway pidé (ugh for eateries who close on Mondays!) and having instant noodle for dinner instead (still yumm – Myojo’s Mee Poh Dry available at most oriental stores if you must know!) while watching the movie About Time on my laptop! What an ideal Monday, huh? Sounds almost like what I’d do on the eighth day of the week …

5) What is something you do every week that is stable, constant or exciting? 

I cannot live without Instagram! I used to post pictures on it a lot more often but ever since attending Meghan Plowman’s workshop I’ve tried to be really disciplined with my uploads! I now post pictures only when I know they’re going to turn out visually exciting. Hahaha! I also just really love Instagram for providing me with so much inspiration through the pictures uploaded and the people behind the snaps.

Something exciting would be meeting with customers! I love love love chatting with awesome customers – you know the ones who actually bother to ask How are you? back and make eye contact with you, before proceeding to fill you in on their most recent happenings like good pals catching up? It’s an amazing feeling! It is truly my favourite bit about my job. I’ve met people from Nashville to Kenya to good ol’ Port Hedland. The perks of working in the city!

6) What does your workspace look like?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Hannahs bright and clear space allows her lots of space to get creative, write her blog posts and keep candy within close range!

We would like to thank Hannah for her time and honesty in her answers! You can find her on Instagram, Facebook or on her blog!


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